Mike's Harder Lemonade 2019 Havas

Currently working as lead Art Director in Harder’s new 2019 campaign while at Havas.



I’m the only Art Director in this particular team, and for Mike’s Harder Lemonade, a brand that had no background whatsoever, we were tasked with creating this brand look/tone/feel from the ground up.

This campaign will go live in Fall 2019 with retail elements, website completely redesigned by me, digital videos, style guide, banners, and activations. This account is mostly lead by a team of two juniors – Myself, and Trevor Stowe as the brilliant and witty writer for this brand. Stay tuned for more to come!



The Harder client wanted to use surrealistic photography for the Case Cards while still keeping the Mike’s Harder lemonade can as the hero. The vision they wished for was to portray all the chapters of one long crazy night behind the can. Many of the objects were hand-picked by the client.