Bose – Amplify The Feeling

Bose noise cancelling headphones tune out the world and let you amplify what you feel when you listen to music. Concept: Help people actually feel the impact of music by making 3D designs that they can experience through touch. 

Listeners will be able to create their own unique poster by going to the BOSE site and inputting the song of their choice. The system will then analyze the sound waves and create a one of a kind poster they can order to print and/or share online with friends. Making the experience their own. 


Once they receive their custom poster – they're able to use the packaging as their own disposable (recycled) music amplifier.

To take the experience into 360, Chicago's O'Hare airport passageway will serve as a music projector with the colorful installation it already has. Immersing the listener in a fun, colorful experience while listening to the music in the speakers.